Some Royal Arch Terms Examined

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Author: Wells, Roy

Number Of Pages: 96

Publisher: Lewis Masonic

Details: Chapter rituals contain many biblical references and Hebrew words which to most brethren and companions are quite meaningless. This book is the result of long periods of research over a wide field into the biblical source and Hebrew origin of many of these words. The author shows the strong connections between the marginal notes of the Geneva Bibles and their influence on the work of the early Masonic compilers and writers. None of the terms are in any way treated in context but all are brought under scholarly scrutiny regarding their use in the Bible text and the probable object in their Masonic appearance. Such words as Mahabone, Giblim, Rabboni and expressions such as Ammi Ruhamah and I am That I am are all examined in depth from their early appearances and their alternative forms. The application of certain phrases to denote Trinitarianism is well reasoned and ably supported. With illustrations to supply useful visual aid, this whole exercise is one of intense interest and fascination This is an enlarged second edition with additional material included. Chapters covering the Triple Tau the names given to the triangle are of particular importance. The author has also included a guide to pronunciation which will appeal to all Royal Arch Companions. Includes a chart of variations of words used in various rituals and documents. From Gnostic texts to the Kirkwall scroll this book also gives a comprehensive overview of the occurrence of words and symbols in ancient works.

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