Loge Liberté chérie: A Light in the Darkness

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Author: Herbert, Alexander P.

Number Of Pages: 111

Publisher: Independently published

Details: At its height in 1944, the Esterwegen concentration camp housed over two thousand political prisoners from occupied Europe. Among them was a small band of Belgian Freemasons who, by chance or providence, found themselves assigned to the same barrack. In the midst of these terrible conditions, they came together to form the secret Masonic Lodge Liberté chérie. Years of painstaking research and translation have yielded, for the first time, a comprehensive telling of these events for English readers. It is a story that transcends personal differences and the borders of Masonic jurisdiction. This camaraderie and compassion laid the foundation for the most important work in the history of the world's oldest Fraternity.

EAN: 9781703690514

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