The Mason's Words: The History and Evolution of the American Masonic Ritual

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Author: Davis, Robert G.

Number Of Pages: 356

Publisher: Robert G. Davis

Details: Product description Freemasonry is entirely built around traditions. From time immemorial, those who have belonged to the world's oldest and largest fraternal order have metaphorically passed between the pillars of Solomon's Temple to nurture within themselves a harmonious bond between tradition and modernity. This is the story of the Masonic ritual, the language and ceremonial forms that have evolved into the present structure of American Freemasonry, defined its lodge space, and offered its members the same stablizing influence of instruction that has prevailed on every continent for nearly 400 years. The reader will discover that the language of the world's oldest fraternal society has also made its own interesting journey, and been tested by the most powerful and the most humbling of men. The result is, that, in Masonic lodges across America, and, indeed, the world, men from every walk of life, of all ages, every social category and every spiritual and philosophical conviction are able to find a basis for reflection on who they are, why they are here, and what has meaning to them. By its common language delivered in a common culture of fraternal relationship, Freemasonry is enabled to exemplify a univeral brotherhood of man. This is the story of the Mason's words; the history and evolution of the American Masonic ritual. It is an interesting bit of history that is perhaps all the more fascinating because it is so rarely known. About the Author Robert G. Davis, 33° G.C., is a fellow of the Scottish Rite Research Society and author of Understanding Manhood in America. He is well known in the areas of Masonic research and renewal and has received numerous honors in Masonic excellence and knowledge. He is a Past Master of three Oklahoma Lodges and serves on the steering committee of the Masonic Information Center of the United States.

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