But I Digress

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Author: Tresner, Dr. James

Number Of Pages: 444

Publisher: Starr Publishing, LLC

Details: A collection of experiences and musings from Dr. James Tresner. Masonic education is fast becoming the watchword of all Masonic Grand Lodges, or those that are developing programs that appeal to those men coming to the Craft with an expectation of some degree of enlightenment. Too often, however, speakers and available material seems radically to one side of a coin or another. Wildly esoteric and delving into occult language that has little interest for many, or completely and utterly dry regurgitating the acceptable Masonic histories and litanies of old. This book strikes a perfect balance and has something for everyone in a tone and approach that feels a little like you have just met up with the character in real life from the old tyler talks. The tone of the book transports you to a wonderful little room, fireplace burning, Jim on his pipe, too wonderfully comfy chairs and great conversation. We can't let the conversational tone of the book fool us though. There are some real meaty topics handled within this almost 450 page volume. Everything from music to symbolism, from esotericism to morality, no topic seems off limits, but every topic is covered with the same widened and kind approach that is Dr. Jim Tresner.

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