Becoming the Lotus

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Author: Martin Faulks

Number Of Pages: 48

Publisher: AA MICRO

Details: In every school of meditation, the Lotus posture is held to be the ideal seated position. Depicted in the earliest texts of the spiritual traditions of Japan, China, and India, and even on the tombs walls of Ancient Egypt, the Lotus posture offers a pathway to inner tranquility and self-knowledge for those with the will to find it. This volume offers a systematic course of strethcing postures leading to the easy, safe, and comfortable adoption of the Lotus posture. The entire course is laid out in an easy-to-follow and understandable way so as to make it useable to anyone, no matter who they are. So whether you are a Martial Artist, a follower of Indian Yoga, a Buddhist, a Taoist -- sit in the Lotus posture! This book is for you.

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