Sane Occultism

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Author: Dion Fortune

Number Of Pages: 180

Publisher: Ariel Press

Details: To Dion Fortune, occultism is a sacred science which explores the hidden dimensions of human life. A sane approach to occultism is entirely compatible with the teachings of the Christ and other great religious leaders throughout the ages. It is a companion of mysticism, a key which unlocks the door of enlightenment to the mind as well as the heart. Just as there are distorted teachings which claim to be Christian but warp the message Jesus brought, so also corrupted versions of occultism exist. But their failings do not diminish the value of occultism, when approached with wisdom, care, and sanity. The author describes the life of sane occultism clearly and concisely, commenting on subjects from the recall of prior lives to the dangers of psychic mischief. Sane Occultism sheds light on an otherwise obscure subject.

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