Practical Freemasonry: Accessible Philosophy for Working-Class Schlubs

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Author: Gallagher, Matt

Number Of Pages: 212

Details: The West Gate has become a Revolving Door. Bright, young men join to be part of this "something bigger" we have here, only to walk right back out again. Why? Too many pancake breakfasts? Too few? Dues too high? Too low? Everyone's got a theory. When a new brother leaves, he leaves for ONE reason. He didn't find a reason to care. PRACTICAL FREEMASONRY reframes our Working Tools in new ways to provide relevant direction for modern men. You think you know the meanings of the 24-inch Gauge, Common Gavel, Plumb, Square, Level, Trowel, and Compass, and you do, but Masonic teachings are often presented as either too basic to register or too esoteric to understand. You leave lodge thinking "Treat people fairly? Well that was a waste of an hour," or you leave thinking "Mercury? Sulfer? Ouroboros? What was that guy even talking about?"Our working tools are so much deeper than the first and so much more direct than the second. They tell you to do things. Specific things. They teach you how a Freemason meets, acts, and parts in every walk of his life.PRACTICAL FREEMASONRY teaches this to you in a fun, relaxed, and quick read without all the dusty alchemy and condescending, banal moralisms. Freemasonry is old, but it's not a museum piece meant only to me viewed from a respectful distance and never touched. Freemasonry is current, and alive and relevant to today's man on the go."I cannot think of a better token of our esteem thank to present this to every new Master Mason....all brothers, from the youngest Entered Apprentice in the northeast corner to the grizzled Past Master in the southwest, will be so much the better using and applying the thoughts and actions of this book." ~ Nick Johnson, The Millennial Freemason, host emeritus of the Masonic Roundtable

EAN: 9780578993867

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