A Path to Providence: The Creation of the Middle Chamber Program

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Author: Bradshaw, Shaun

Number Of Pages: 138

Details: Masonic Education has regrettably been reduced to teaching protocol, traditions, and catechism while ignoring the esoteric essence of the ritual. Esoteric, from the Latin word esotero originally esoterikos in Greek, simply means secret within or hidden within. Freemasonry's essence is esoteric and is universally defined as a peculiar system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols designed to help a person improve. The primary purpose of Masonic Education should therefore be to assist initiates in delving deeper into the allegories and symbols at the core of Freemasonry's rituals. In doing so, they are encouraged to each draw their own designs to become a "better person", i.e., a free builder. You can therefore imagine my joy when I learned about the Middle Chamber Program that the Grand Lodge of North Carolina institutionalized in 2017 and overseen by Grand Master Shaun Bradshaw. Having a structured and rigorous program of Masonic Education that points to practical applications of Freemasonry's esoteric teachings is of utmost importance. Without it, Freemasonry's potential may become dormant and its promise unfulfilled. With the aid of Providence in 1776, the Founding Fathers of the United States launched an incredible experiment by placing the core of governance with the people, not the government. Freemasonry's legacy in connection to this Great Experiment has been its capability and readiness to graduate citizens of this republic who are committed to and equipped for self-governance, community building, democratic institutions, and the spread of enlightened freedom. Will Freemasonry rise to the challenge now as it did in the past? Given current conditions in the United States, we will need the concerted efforts of many free, enlightened, and engaged citizens who are committed to build more beautiful, stronger, and wiser selves and communities. I am confident the Middle Chamber Program will be a powerful tool in the noble effort to arouse the spirit and mind, to awaken the creative energies of large numbers of initiates by connecting them to the Freemasonry's hidden mysteries. Welcome to the Mystic Tie!

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