Renaissance Man and Mason

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Author: Vaughan, Piers A

Number Of Pages: 276

Publisher: Rose Circle

Details: Product description This series of short talks was collated from over twenty years of lecturing in Lodges and Chapters, in Europe and the United States, by a Past Grand High Priest of New York State. The author covers a broad range of topics, covering elements of Blue Lodge, York Rite and Scottish Rite, and explores both history and symbolism in this series of papers. Some go more deeply into the esoteric symbolism and the messages hidden in the Degrees. This is a book for anyone who has an interest in the Gentle Craft, of any fraternal line, and will satisfy the need of both younger members entering the Craft with a strong idea of what they wish to learn, and the mature member who seeks to make that daily advance in knowledge. Review Esoteric Masonic philosophy? Start with this book. December 20, 2017 Without question, the most thought provoking Masons I have encountered in almost twenty years of membership have been Brethren who have studied theology, either as their personal interest, or in their educational training. These men frequently see meanings and make connections that the rest of us would never discover on our own. Such a Brother is my friend Piers A. Vaughan. Consequently, I wholeheartedly put his book from late last year, Renaissance Man & Mason, on top of my list of books to own. Not just of this year, but of all time. Piers has one of the most diverse and fascinating backgrounds for the study and understanding (and explanation) of Masonic, appendant, and other esoteric orders you will ever encounter. Originally, he is from England, and he belongs to lodges in England, Canada, and the U.S. In his life, he has lived in several European countries, Canada, and now resides in New York. He has a Master's degree in Divinity and another in Experimental Psychology; experience in both the Anglican and Catholic denominations and traditions; an MBA in Business Studies; a teaching diploma in Music; and much, much more. Piers has made extensive studies in history, alchemy, Rosicrucianism and all esoteric groups, language (he has translated many texts from French to English), symbolism, cultures--truly what anyone would acknowledge to be a "Renaissance Man." The reason I think this book is so important starts with its disarming construction. It is a collection of twenty-two of Piers Vaughan's speeches and presentations of various lengths and topics, given over a quarter century. Each one reads like a personal conversation with him, and each essay is a trip through the paths of Piers' way of thinking and approaching complex subjects. And occasionally simple ones, too. Christopher Hodapp About the Author Piers A. Vaughan was born in Brighton England, and attended Brighton College and Oxford University. He was an avid musician, singing in a local church, playing several instruments, conducting and composing; he was also a keen fencer, and enjoyed appearing in local plays. He even appeared as an extra in 'Star Wars' and 'Quadrophenia'! He has an MA in Psychology, an MBA in Business Studies and an MA in Divinity. He has worked for a number of banks, including Midland, HSBC and Deutsche Bank, living in several countries, and ended up moving to the USA in the early 1990s. His Masonic interests began in England, and he joined a number of Orders before joining St. John's Lodge No. 1 in New York. He has traveled extensively across the USA and in many countries abroad giving lectures on a number of topics, ranging from history to talks on the symbols and esotericism of Masonry. And interest in 18th Century French Masonic Ritual led him to translate a number of important treatises and rituals in to English. He is also very involved in a number of Orders outside of Freemasonry, predominantly ones which have an esoteric background, and is also the head of a church descended from the Pre-Nicene Church of Richard, Duc de Palatine.

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