The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet (ArtScroll (Mesorah)) (English and Hebrew Edition)

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Author: Michael L. Munk

Number Of Pages: 240

Publisher: Mesorah Pubns Ltd

Details: Product description From the very first Kabbalistic work, through the Talmud, through an impressive array of rabbinic literature, great minds have found the Aleph-Beis to be a gold mine of wisdom and guidance. This fascinating best-seller weaves these golden threads into a glorious tapestry, presenting hundreds of ideas and comments on the Aleph-Beis, including: the Aleph-Beis as the force of Creation, as a primer for Jewish living, and as a fountainhead of Torah insight and mystical meaning. The product of decades of learning, thinking, and teaching by the revered educator, lecturer, and community activist Rabbi Michael L. Munk. A treat not to be missed. Language Notes Text: English, Hebrew

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